Thursday, October 25, 2012

Writing on walls - in Hong Kong

Darwing on the walls at the Hop Inn in Hong Kong
Recently while in Hong Kong, we stayed at the Hop Inn in Kowloon. At this guest house there was a blank wall just outside reception that actually encouraged people to write or draw on the wall! Quite a neat kinda concept.

After a night out on "the town" which included ridiculous amounts of Ahhmazing dim sum and several cans (lots!) of locally brewed beer, I felt I couldn't pass up on the opportunity and had to contribute.

Below is the result of my spontaneous efforts including shameless self promotion. (tee hee hee) 
Darwing on the walls at the Hop Inn in Hong Kong

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Travel Doodles

Mid Sept through to mid Oct I was away on vacation in Honkas (Hong Kong), the States (USA) and a bit'o Toronto. I'd never been to Canada or America before, so it was a really exciting and special trip for me - AMERICA IS AWESOME!!

While away I kept a travel journal which included the odd sketch/drawing which I'd like to share. When I got home I did cheat, and chucked them into Photoshop for a bit of dirrrrrty-dirty rough colour (it certainly isn't a good colour job, but it makes my doodles a little more interesting I think).

You can buy beer in a 7-11 and drink it on the street!!!

Stop #1: Honkas (Hong Kong) to visit my friend Nelly. You can buy a large can of beer in a 7-Eleven in Hong Kong for about a dollar and then drink it in public! Insane! And a novelty that was throughly enjoyed more then once.

San Francisco memory postcard
2. Stop #2: San Francisco. Our first night in town we met two very helpful and enthusiastic gentlemen from Vancouver, who were also on vacation - but via cruise ship. They wrote a "shopping list" of suggestions to places we should try while in San Fran. Helpful and yet overwhelming all at once! Ben's thought bubble: "Tee hee! My mouth is so dry" is a reference to the air in San Fran smelling distinctly of marijuana... and oddly; Air Freshener.

Portland Cliché
Stop #3: Portland Oregon. There are a lot of hipsters and cafes in Portland. I happen to think that Portland is truly AWESOME! Why is Portland so awesome? They have real coffee, craft breweries, great food and food trucks, lots of ahhmazing art, there are street names that inspired some of the names of characters in The Simpsons (FACT!), The GooniesPortlandia, second hand book stores, Powells Book Store, comics, music.

Williamsberg: The bearded ones

Stop #5 NYC/Brooklyn. (I've skipped the 4th stop, Toronto Canada, because I didn't have a drawing for that). Williamsberg, a suburb of Brooklyn is a unique area made predominantly of two very specific and distinctive communities; Hipsters and Hasidic Jewish people.  

Flying from NYC to Chicago from LaGuardia
Stop #6: Chicago. On the way to Chicago leaving from NYC LaGuardia airport the airline, Delta, lost our luggage - and this was after we'd paid $25 per bag (so losing our luggage wasn't actually free as I wrote above). I really don't understand the purpose of airport security at LaGuardia airport, I think it's really incompetent. I went through THREE points of security for a domestic flight where my passport and BOARDING PASS was scrutinized THREE TIMES, but not once did security pick up that I was in the wrong terminal... so WTF were they looking for on my boarding pass!!! (idiots!)

We eventually got our bags back.

So as you can see from the above, it was an eventful, colourful and interesting vacation. While these illustrations are not my best/neatest pieces of work, I still really like them for the way they will forever immortalise this holiday.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Commission: Robe Town Beach

Late last year I was commissioned to do a painting of Robe Town Beach. It was completed earlier this year - end of May. For those of you who saw the progress shots and would like to see the final finished piece.

Ta-DA! :D
Robe Commission FINISHED!
(Click here to see image larger)

Like most of my paintings, "my babies", I'm really proud of this piece, particularly for its super fine attention to detail, ie. the cracks and texture in the rocks and fine coloured strands of seaweed as well as the delicate foot prints in the sand. 

It's a very personal piece with a lot of meaning specific to the client, however any viewer should be able to enjoy my "joke" of the dachshund off the leash when the sign in the background clearly reads "dogs prohibited".
This painting now sits framed and proudly in the dining room of a beautiful home in Canberra.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Maam Alien: The lost pages (part iv of iv)

Stunning StunnersOnly one week left until the opening of my up coming solo show (yay!) so I present the last of three old comic strip cartoons I wrote and illustrated cos they're (kinda/sorta) complimentary to the subject matter of the show. 

                     Opens 6 Jul at 6pm and runs to 26 Jul 2012 @ Brunswick Street Gallery
322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. (Cnr Argyle St) 
Hrs Tue to Sun 10am-10pm 
0419 390 478

If you missed the last two comic strips in the series, and you're kinda curious, click here for one and here for two

Maam Alien: Page 1/2
Maam Alien: Page 2/2

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Maam Alien: The lost pages (part iii of iv)

Stunning StunnersSo I'm like (totes) having a solo show next month (yay!) and as a lead up I've been posting these old comic strip cartoons I wrote and illustrated cos they're complimentary to the subject matter of the show.... kinda. Exhibition details are: 
 Opens 6 Jul at 6pm and runs to 26 Jul 2012 @ Brunswick Street Gallery
322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. (Cnr Argyle St) 
Hrs Tue to Sun 10am-10pm 
0419 390 478

Below is the second of three comic strips I did for the original Mammalien exhibition back in 2009 (to view first click here):

Maam Alien:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Maam Alien: The lost pages (part ii of iv)

Stunning StunnersThe first of three comic strips I did for the original Mammalien exhibition back in 2009:

If you would like the opportunity to come see the original and unframed paintings (plus more art works) before they get scooped up and sold to savvy buyers and clever investors forever and EVER... here are the details:

Opens 6 Jul at 6pm and runs to 26 Jul 2012 @ Brunswick Street Gallery
322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. (Cnr Argyle St) 
Hrs Tue to Sun 10am-10pm 
0419 390 478
Maam Alien: Page 1/2
Maam Alien: Page 2/2

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Maam Alien: The lost pages (part i of iv)

Stunning StunnersBack in August of 2009 I had my very first ever opportunity to exhibit my art work in a real gallery as part of a real group show (Très exciting!) 

The show, "Mammailan", included the artistic talents of Elspeth McIntosh and Emma Kirsopp as well as myself. Initially when we had decided on the show's theme/topic/title I had absolutely NO idea what to do.... until I talked about it with my friend Greg Shields who (brilliantly) gave me the idea of creating an alien with lots of  boobies

Booooooooooooooooobs (boobies, titties, knockers etc etc.). 
...So I did.

The result I eventually came up with was a hypothetical superhero/pin-up alien girl who featured as the hero in a comic book series. This was exactly how I executed each painting on canvas, as the front cover of a comic book (sounds awesome right?). 

To add to the exhibition I also wrote and inked several short comic strips and illustrations to accompany each painting, so the effect would be that of a full colour comic book cover and a sample of the pages inside. Clever no? Well interesting anyway. (See below: there are 2x "potential-would-be" inside comic illustrations.) 

As of today I was been offered the opportunity to re-exhibit the original paintings from that show, (plus other works) which is kinda exciting.  I mean, come on! - A superhero/pin-up alien girl covered in boobies and the hero in her own comic book series - that is AWE(wait for it)SOME!!

If you happen to be keen/curious to check the exhibition out:

Opens 6 Jul at 6pm and runs to 26 Jul 2012 @ Brunswick Street Gallery
322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. (Cnr Argyle St) 
Hrs Tue to Sun 10am-10pm 
0419 390 478 

"It's like parting the sea like Moses, and look, no hands!"
"It's like parting the sea like Moses, and look no hands!"

"No thanks, I don't do H1N1"
"No thanks. I don't do H1N1"

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hot! Hot! Hot!

OMG! Am officially a published children's book illustrator! Pretty damn proud.  Woot!

Media Release:




Long ago in a land far away, in an age when people believed in magic, there lived A Dragon Called Wilbur. Now Wilbur was a very lonely dragon, because everyone was afraid of him. What could Wilbur possibly do to make friends? This lonely dragon believes that if he can alter his behaviour and convince his neighbours that he is not dangerous, he can become a valued part of the village. By doing this, Wilbur can make a big difference in his community. Hopefully, he will also make friends and will no longer be lonely. Can Wilbur convince everyone that dragons are not so scary after all? This uplifting children’s book sends a positive message about outsiders wanting to belong.

About the Author:
Bronwyn Heeney lives in Cranbourne North, Victoria, Australia, and is working on future books.
(ISBN: 978-1-61204-803-1) is now available for $20 and can be ordered from and

If you'd like to see more of the book's inside illustrations, click here

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bringing "Batmania" to Melbourne (for the kids)

Open House Melbourne is a not-for-profit association that runs annual events providing the public a  free and rare opportunity to discover a hidden wealth of architectural, engineering and historic buildings nestled around the city. Earlier this month they released a creative brief inviting designers and illustrators alike  to help design their 2012 Children's Program with fresh new ideas.

I couldn't help myself. The moment I looked over the brief my imagination ran wild and inspiration punched me in the face so hard my jaw still hurts!

Below is my response to the brief:

(Potential Front Cover, A5 full colour, with space around edges to include appropriate logos)
Concept for Open House Melbourne: 2012 Children's Program

Brief character description and explanation. 
Concept for Open House Melbourne: 2012 Children's Program

I like the idea that the title "Batman, the Busker and Freddie Square" kinda sounds similar to a title of a Harry Potter book, ie. "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban", I dunno - there's a similar ring there somewhere... 

John Batman is a super significant historical figure in Melbourne's history. Rumor has it there was a time when Melbourne was almost called Batmania! (How cool! - Regardless if it's true or not). Anyway, I figure the name 'Batman' will generate attention anyway cos it conjures up the idea of Batman the Comic Book Hero and I think having the "ghost" character makes it all more interesting for kids. 

The Busker, had to be a chick cos then the characters would be too male heavy and every little girl that potentially picks up this program (if my idea is selected) is gonna think "she's pretty, I like her". 

Freddie Square, obviously named after Melbourne's Landmark Federation Square. He is the "new" to balance Batman's "old". He's small and and cute like Danger Mouse's side-kick Penfold, but not nearly as annoying and stupid, in fact he is to the contrary.   

Regardless of whether my idea gets picked up or not, I think this concept, illustration and execution is mighty fine and I'm damn proud. Defo (totes, fur shiz) a work for the folio.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

D'oh! 2012 Paul Guest Drawing Prize... fail.

Below are the two unsuccessful entries I submitted into the 2012 Paul Guest Drawing Prize.

(to see illustrations larger, just click on the image)

Cyclops Mermaid And Ze Unmasked Cat Burglar
Today I got "the letter", you know, the "form" letter that says "Thank you for your entry"... (blah blah blah)... "We had lots of entries this year"... (blah blah blah)... "all of a high quality"...(blah blah blah)... "Unfortunately this year you were unsuccessful in being selected"... oooouch! (that's the sound of being metaphorically punched in the guts. It's the sound of rejection.)

But hey, rejection happens and when you think about it, it's kinda nice that the competition judges sent a letter as courtesy. It's an answer and I have closure. I can appreciate that.....(there's no denying that the rejection still kinda stinks though.)

So back to my sad and unloved entries for 2012. Let's be honest. They're not great. They're not amazing. However I do think they're quirky and original concepts. Sadly these pieces just aren't screaming wicked mad talent! This girl Lucy is ammmaaaaaaazing! ... and that's cool. That's fair. (Ha! Just wait until I am famous!)

Jester Head
The last entry I did for Paul Guest  in 2010, I worked my arse off on that piece. I put my heart, soul and failing eye sight into that piece of work. Hours upon hours of meticulous pencil work... Tragically also unsuccessful in being selected *sigh*. So I guess I kinda decided to go complete 'opposite' in terms of effort this year. Instead, this year I submitted two blue biro pen illustrations I'd conceived subconsciously while talking on the phone! Yay Joe effort!

I'll enter the Paul Guest Drawing Prize again, and next time my entry will be selected, I'm feeling pretty confident on that.

Just a last wee footnote though, the piece I slaved over for the 2010 competition was eventually acquired by the Bendigo Historical Society annnnnnd is currently the most viewed illustration in my flickr account. So not all bad. Not bad at all.